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12 VII 2024

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PVC Profiles

Coving and korner profiles

Supported by a thermoplastic resin profile, may be supplied with an aluminium one to permit structural floor to walls and ceiling joints. Some items are provided with plastic details to ensure a quick and effective finishing of the internal corners both at two or three ways. Excellent hygienic performances may be also obtained by longitudinal sealing into the provided groove.

Rounded plinth profile

Our sanitary profile has a double function: besides the traditional one of plinth profile it is particularly useful to meet the current hygienic standards. The installation is quick and definitive thanks to the uniqueness of the profile: its peculiarity is to hide any fixing points. To complete the installation of the profile in all different situations our kit is provided with all necessary accessories (i.e. internal and external corners, mounting supports and terminals).



There has been created an infinity variety of bumpers abailable in any shape, coldor and material. Particularly appreciated are the bumpers for windows and doors frames, mechanical applications, construction yard, industrial refigeration, shipyard and automative.


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